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The Ellis Trust for Girls helps young women of limited financial means enhance their high school experience and prepare for post-secondary success.  Each year, we award grants to eligible young women to support their education and life goals by providing tuition assistance for students attending independent high schools and parochial high schools.

Before submitting an online application for the 2021/2022 academic year, please review the grant eligibility requirements by visiting www.ellistrust.org and see our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for more information.

To complete the application you, the student applicant, will need to submit a personal statement and upload documents including your most recent official report card and current household income documents (e.g. federal income tax for tax year 2020, child support, public assistance, food stamps and Social Security benefits). 

  • At least one document MUST list the student applicant as a current dependent of the custodial parent/guardian.  
  • If any documents include a Social Security Number (SSN) please cross out/remove/redact the SSN, as the Ellis Trust does not use this information.  
  • As you work on your online grant application, the auto-save feature will save your application in draft form so that you can return to it after you have gathered the required documents for uploading.

NEED HELP?  If you have questions about the application process please call The Ellis Trust at (215) 790-1666 ext. 442 or ext. 427, or email us at ellistrust@philadelphiafutures.org.  If you have any technical questions or need technical assistance in completing your online submission please reach out to support@submittable.com.

Habla español? Sería un placer ayudarle y explicar mas sobre el proceso de aplicar en español. Póngase en contacto con Hana Mura, la gerente del Ellis Trust por correo electronico: hanamura@philadelphiafutures.org o por teléfono: (215) 790 1666 ext. 442.

NOTE: The student email you use to register your Ellis Trust Submittable account is the email address we will use to communicate with you about your grant application.  Therefore student applicants, please double check spelling to ensure you receive all Ellis Trust correspondence.


We use Submittable to accept and review our submissions.